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  Goebel Farms> Live Trees Balled & Burlap

Balled and Burlap Trees

Our trees are dug with an Optimal 44" wide ball for bigger trees or Vermeer tree spade 30" wide ball for smaller trees. We set the tree ball inside a burlap and wire basket to ensure a tight root ball to avoid cracking the root ball.

gehl optimal tree digger

Digging:  When is it best to transplant?

We usually dig (weather permitting) from November through the end of March while the tree is dormant.  When the tree is actively growing transplanting any tree will cause it to undergo a great deal of stress because it's root system has been greatly diminished.  Statistics say as much as 95% of the feeder root system is left behind in the soil when transplanting.  Even though this is a staggering statistic with the proper care your tree will survive without any problems.

Tree Sizes

We have sizes from 3' up to 12' available for digging.


**You can get an idea of what our trees look like by clicking here.**

*All trees have a minumum charge of 4'. We will dig a 3' tree for the 4' price.

White pine:  5'-12' is $12/ft.
Norway Spruce: $15 per ft.

Blue Spruce: $18 per ft.

Field fir: $20 per ft.
Austrian Pine: $12 per ft.
Oak Trees: $100/tree
American Aborvitae: $12/ft.