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Pumpkin & Squash Varieties

Large-sized pumpkins usually average* 12" in diameter and are great for carving, painting and decorating. 

Medium-sized pumpkins average* 7.5 inches in size

Small- sized pumpkins make for great table decorations and centerpieces Atlantic Giant- great for carving, not so much for moving! XXL variety

Prizewinner- deeper red-orange color than the Atlantic Giant.  XXL variety. Howden Biggie-XL carving/painting pumpkin.

Acorn Squash

Ambercup- the meat is free of strings and is great for cooking.

Autumncup- Very similar to ambercup.

Blue Hubbard- deep yellow flesh inside great for eating

Baby Boo- decorative mini white pumpkin.

Munchkin- decorative mini pumpkin.

Bush Pink Banana- decorative as well as good to eat.  12-16 pounds.

Butternut Squash- great for eating, rich in vitamin A.

Cheese- flat like a cheese wheel, is great for pies and decorations.

Cinderella- French pumpkin.  Deep red skin, great for decorating and eating.

Jarrahdale- is an Australian pumpkin great for decorations or eating.

Lumina-great for carving, decorating and eating, white skin.

Neck- similar to the butternut, but larger, long necks contain sweet, bright orange meat without seeds. Sweet Potato Squash- tastes like the name implies.

Spaghetti Squash- great with butter and salt, or spaghetti sauce.

Gourds- great decorations.

Turks Turban- edible or just for decorations.

Birdhouse Gourd- great for decorations and well birdhouses.

Carnival- great for eating and decorating.

Golden Hubbard- great for pies, canning or decorations.

Indian Corn- bunched with husk on.  Very large ears.

Luffa Sponge- grown for its fibrous flesh.  Makes great bath sponges.

*All sizes approximate, actual product may deviate from photos.  **Not all varieties shown here.